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What people are saying about Drag-on Charters:


Hey Eric,

Here are the pictures from our fishing trip with you on Wednesday the 25th in the afternoon. You'd asked me to send you the pics of Justin's HUGE flounder, so here they are. I've actually never emailed pictures before, so can you please let me know if you got them all right? Thanks.

I just wanted to tell you again what a wonderful time we all had fishing with you. You are very good with kids and made them really at ease. For that I thank you! You are also very good at what you do and it was a joy to be on the waters with you!

Thanks again, and we hope to see you in April if we make it back to FL for spring break

Thanks for everything.

Pary Davis

PS: the Flounder and snapper were delicious!!!



My family and I just got back from a fantastic day fishing with Captain Eric Paquin. The trip started out fast and furious with Justin catching 3 grouper before Captain Eric could get all the hooks in the water.  Dalton, hooked a 5' tarpon but it got away.  It was a great fighter and gave  us all a lot of excitement.  While trying to pull in a grouper, a barracuda came beside the boat to try to get the hooked grouper.  We threw endless fish back in because they were to small legally to keep even though they put up a good fight.  We had 12 big fish at the end of the trip to carry home.  What fun with captain Eric on the water.  He was especially nice to the grandchildren and made sure their hooks were baited and in the water at all times.  In the four hours while we were gone we caught Grouper, Snapper, Triple tail, mackerel, and sea trout with the shark, barracuda, and tarpon getting away. I would highly recommend a Sarasota fishing trip with Captain Eric.

Thanks a million,

Betty Sartin


Hi Capt..
Thanks for the great day fishing. Please send photos ASAP. Please send open
Wednesdays fishing dates in September.
Thanks Joe, Corbin & Connor


Captain Eric,

Alanna and I had a wonderful time on your boat. You were relentless in getting us on the fish. When I told you at 11:30 that I was "completely satisfied", I meant it. Thanks for a great time. When you get a minute could you please email the photos you took. Thank you.

Jon & Alanna Craig

Knoxville, TN


Captain E...I just wanted to drop you a line and says thanks again for the great fishing. I'm glad it worked out with me telling you the WRONG DATE!!!! Ha! Anyhoo, Jess and her dad had a great time. That big red fish was awesome. Made me look up the Florida state record...55 lbs!!!

One had better have some good tackle for that boy! And the world record was 90lb + caught in N.C. I can't imagine. Hopefully in about another 5 to 10 years, they will start getting that big again in Sarasota...with the regs to protect them. I was also going to ask if you could email me any pics when you get the chance. Thanks again...hopefully we'll see you next summer.

John Emilsson




I don't remember giving you my email address, so thought I'd "ping" you. Please send some photos of the Tarpon, and any others that turn out. I desperately need to support my fish stories with some visual evidence!

Shannon and I really enjoyed the day yesterday. We had a nice family gathering last night to eat the fresh fish. The Triple Tail was a true delicacy, just like you told us it would be.  Awesome! Thanks again, and I'll be looking for some pictures.


Mike Burke



hey eric its jonathan i wanted to thank u for the incredible cold experience fishing with u on sunday november 16th!  the snook were an exellent fight. it was just a cowincidence that i said whats that white thing in the water and u said let me check that my baits not near it ,and a snook 30" long hit it  sweeeeeeet!!!!!  i just wanted to thank u soo much so plz reply and ill get my dad to make us do it again it was awsome!!!!  thank you!!!!

Captain Eric,

I wanted to thank you for being such an awesome fishing guide and giving my two boys such a great memory. The smile on their faces is what I live for and you provided that for me. We have never caught so many snook at one time and we fish all the time. We caught 7 big snook in one hour and missed about 6 because of our errors. We had two doubleheaders with big snook. Unbelievable. Captain Eric put us on the hottest spot we have ever been to. Captain Eric makes you feel comfortable and is so good with kids. He remembered my two sons names and was very patient with them. We cannot wait to go out with Captain Eric again. We live in Clearwater but it was well worth the drive. Thank you so much for everything and we'll see you again soon. We can't wait to see the pictures on the website since I did not take very good pictures.

See you soon, Mike; Ryan; and Cody Machado


"I know nothing really compares when fishing with you. I just had a good time and wanted to tell you. Iím going this weekend to fish for some more fluke and some bluefish. Iím coming down in December and Iím definitely going fishing with you. You are the best in the business and you help me land the biggest fish I ever caught. Iím taking the techniques that you taught me on my new fishing adventures and hopefully I catch big fish like you. Put this on your website I want everyone to know youíre the man."

Matthew Miller

Morristown, NJ


"Hey Capt.Eric,

Sorry this has taken so long.  My Daughter and I went out with you back in June for a 6 hour trip.  We had a blast.  My daughter’s smile made it well worth every penny.   We really appreciated your friendly personality, patience, and hospitality to us all.   Most of all, thanks for taking us to the fish.  Here’s a few snapshots we took.  See you again next year!"

Al Gleason

Say Cheese!Look at that smile!

Hi Eric,


We made it home, thanks for the good fishing memories and breaking my bad luck streak with circle hooks.  I picked up 50 - 1/0 circle hooks that I am going to try on walleyes, northern pike and maybe even salmon.  I have attached a couple of photos from our trip.  Hope you can use them. 

Iíll recommend you to anyone. 

We came into town for a wedding on Saturday and I had some free time to fish on a Sunday.  I was referred to a bait shop near St. Armandís where the employee gave me several business cards of individuals he would rely on.   I made several calls and many places were unavailable due to previous bookings, didnít go out on Sundays or no answer. 

One of the Captains indicated that he was out of town and unavailable.   I asked him for a  reference because I was running out of cards to call.  He said that I should try Captain Eric, at Drag-on Charters.  I called Captain Eric and he eagerly set us up for a Sunday morning trip.    He met us at the boat landing near the bait shop and did a great job!  We ended up catching a nice variety of fish and had a great time.  I have a ďfish to catch listĒ that I have been working on for many years and was able to cross off, tarpon, snook, redfish and black drum.   Thanks Eric!

Tight lines!

Ed Eggleston

Plover, Wisconsin


 "I had traveled down to the glorious west coast of Florida to spend some quality time with the family and on a last minute decision we wanted to go fishing. I contacted Captain Eric, and with enthusiasm and joy, Captain Eric set me up with a half day trip the following day. What a wonderful experience! Not only was Captain Eric timely and professional but he had a wealth of knowledge of the waters we were fishing. We caught lots of fish and had a great time. Not only was the fishing a success but I feel as though I made a new friend in Capt Eric! My next trip to the Sarasota area will definitely include a fishing trip with Captain Eric and Drag-On Charter service!"

Ed Gauvreau
Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

"I was sure it would have taken dozens of fishing trips before I got my "Night-time Small Slam" (Tarpon, Snook, Sea trout), all in the back country, but I did it the first time with Captain Eric. He knows all the hot spots; it's a guaranteed good time; and most importantly, you always learn something new about Gulf Coast fishing from Capt. Eric.

Hank Berliner




Joe Copperstone